FGN DISBURSES N43,416,000,000.00 (USD120.6 MILLION) AS PERFORMANCE-BASED GRANTS TO 24 STATES UNDER THE WORLD BANK-ASSISTED STATES FISCAL TRANSPARENCY, ACCOUNTABILITY AND SUSTAINABILITY PROGRAM-FOR-RESULTS       The Federal Government of Nigeria has disbursed the sum of N43,416,000,000.00 (USD120.6 million) as performance-based grants to 24 eligible States on the basis of the results achieved in 2018 under […]

Institutional and Implementation Arrangements

States will be responsible for achieving the program results and thus will be leading the implementation of the PforR component. To support the implementation of the Program in each state, a state steering committee will be established in each of the participating states. The membership of the committee shall include representation from the key MDAs[…..]

SFTAS Program Scope and Components

The proposed Program is a hybrid with two components of activities that support Nigerian states to achieve the key result areas of the Program: (1) a performance-based financing component for state governments, which will be implemented as a PforR; and (2) a technical assistance (TA) component for states and selected national-level institutions, which will be[…..]

Appraising World Bank’s $750m SFTAS Programme For States

The State Fiscal Transparency, Accountability and Sustainability (SFTAS) Programme for Results is a product of mutual agreement between the Federal Government of Nigeria and the World Bank designed to strengthen the Fiscal transparency, accountability and sustainability in Nigerian States as a way of improving their revenue base, increasing fiscal efficiency in public expenditure and reducing[…..]